5 Surprising Times to Smile

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For the past seven months, my little brother Jack has been on a massive journey! He has been dealing with the most excruciating gut pains and we travelled around the United States searching for answers...but every doctor, every hospital we went to told us that they didn't know what was wrong with him.

He wasn't able to attend school due to the pain, he wasn't able to play with friends due to the pain, and sometimes, he wasn't even able to have a full conversation with anyone due to the pain. During this time I found it really hard to smile. For seven months I would come home from dance or school and he would be on the floor moaning and grunting because of the pain.

All he could do was sit, eat (at one point it hurt so much to eat that he couldn't and he lost 15 pounds) and watch T.V. on his iPad. It made me so frustrated that I couldn't do anything to help. I couldn't do one single thing to stop his pain. I remember that it got to the point where I didn't want to help anymore. I didn't want to hear the constant moaning, huffing, and puffing until 1:00 a.m. every morning!

I got so caught up in my anger and frustration at the situation that I forgot to smile. I literally remember putting on fake smiles while on the inside I was pouting and frowning. It took me a long time to realize that I was not helping anyone, including myself, by being angry, fed-up, and pouting on the inside. Doing these things made me miserable on the inside and I was not happy with the way anger and frustration had crept into my everyday life. I realized I slowly started to let it control me. Instead of just being frustrated, fed-up, and pouty about Jack and his sickness, I started being frustrated, fed-up, and pouty with a whole lot of other things as well.

One day I was praying and instantly God told me to...STOP...DON'T SAY A WORD...AND JUST SMILE (AND NOT A FAKE ONE)! It hit me hard and I wasn't sure If I wanted to...STOP...DON'T SAY A WORD...AND JUST SMILE (AND NOT A FAKE ONE)!  Everyday I tried a little bit at a time. I tried stopping and not saying anything but I could barely work up a real smile. But sure enough (with Jesus's help), I eventually was able to...STOP...NOT SAY A WORD...AND JUST SMILE (AND NOT A FAKE ONE).  Let me tell you...it felt goooood!

Today, I want to share with you 5 really surprising times that you CAN smile! 5 surprising times that you can...STOP...DON'T SAY A WORD...AND JUST SMILE (AND NOT A FAKE ONE)! 

1. When life has an unexpected turn. For me...when my plans change, I can get really bothered.  It is no fun when I thought we where doing one thing that day...and then all of a sudden I am told we are doing another. That's when the saying, "Just roll with it" comes in handy! When we take a second to think, clear our mind and "Just roll with it," we will automatically have a better out look on the day. When we smile and just simply accept the way our plans have changed...life will be a whole lot better!

2. When we think negative thoughts towards ourselves and others. Lets face it, we all have thought negative things towards ourselves and others! We all have thought something along the lines of "I am not good enough and I will never be pretty enough" or, "Did you see her hair today? It looked like a bird made a nest in it!" When we think these thoughts and say these words, we place ourselves in a very dangerous spot. We are letting discontentment, negativity, and hatred take over our thoughts and actions! This is definitely a good time to not say a word (especially negative words) and smile. When you smile and perhaps give a couple encouraging complements, you will already feel better about yourself and others.

3. When you are irritated. Irritation can happen at any time! Sometimes we can get irritated by the tiniest things. We can get irritated at the fact that we can't find anything to wear, or our mom makes us go to bed at 8:30, or our friends where late to our party and didn't bring a present. Honestly...we can become irritated so easily! But when we take the time to realize that life is not perfect and sometimes we just have to choose joy and sincerely smile, irritation will lessen and joy will begin to rise and take it's place.

4. When we are sad. When we are sad sometimes smiling just doesn't even make sense. But honestly, the best way to not be sad...is to choose to be happy! It's so simple and it just makes sense! Smile (and I mean really smile), consider how blessed you are, clear your mind and talk to Jesus, and turn that frown upside down!

5. When things don't go our way. When things don't go our way, it really is hard to smile. We work ourselves up and complain about everything. What we don't realize ( and this is just the honest truth), is that things definitely CAN NOT always go our way! We have to step back and let go of the reins, trust God and put a smile on our face...He always has a better plan for our lives.  

So the next time we don't feel like smiling...remember that we always have a choice to...STOP...DON'T SAY A WORD...AND SMILE, and turn that frown upside down!

P.S. A Note about my brother...Finally one day our chiropractor and a another friend suggested the pain might be from my brothers gallbladder.  Sure enough, we had a test...and it came back non-functioning and just yesterday, January 20, 2016, my brother got his appendix and gallbladder removed! He is officially pain free! Thank you Jesus!

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