Hey Hey Besties!

Today I thought that it would be extra sparkly if I shared with you all the perfect nail accessory! The PARTY NAIL! The party nail is the perfect way to bump up your nail game and the best way to show off your glam side. What is a party nail you might ask? The party nail is simply one nail that is totally different from the rest. It can be covered in sparkles, a different color, a different color covered in sparkles, a design, or really anything you want. In my personal opinion, the bolder the better! Here are some of my super easy, absolute favorite designs for a party nail. I will include links to some of my favorite nail polishes at the end of the post that you can go and purchase.

Party Nail #1: The Sparkle Ombre'

To achieve this elegant look, just paint sparkles thicker at the top and thinner as you reach the bottom of your nail.

Party Nail #2: The French Party

To enjoy this sophisticated Party Nail, simply paint your nail a solid color and then add sparkles along the tip.

Party Nail #3: The Speckled Ombre'

To get this bold look, paint a solid color on the bottom, then paint a second color on the top and fade into little speckles by dotting the brush on the nail.

Party Nail #4: The Simple Sparkle

To have this simple yet dazzling look, simply paint your choice of sparkles over your nail color.

Party Nail #5: The Other Color

This is pretty self explanatory...just paint one of your nails another color.

There you go guys! Happy Partying ;)

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