Hey Everyone!

You probably all think that I had died because I haven't posted in for ever! Trust me...I am still alive! As many of you may already know...yesterday, March 30, was my birthday. 03.30.03!  I wanted to share with you some of my personal goals that I have set for this upcoming year as a teen, as well as some pictures of my 13th birthday! To start off though...I wanted to give you a quick summary of my big day birthday!


To start the morning, we had a great family breakfast and chatted about the fact that I was now 13!  After getting ready, we headed downtown Austin for lunch at a place call Henri's (ahn-REE's).  My entire family and our best friends all came with me.  It was the cutest place ever!!  I am obsessed with cheese, and the whole reason we ate there is because they have BOMB cheeseboards!!!!  When we finished lunch, we all headed home for HOME MADE, LEMON RASPBERRY CHEESECAKE that my Nana made! It was actually the best dessert I have ever had in my whole life. We ate cake, had a dance party, and opened presents! One might say that it was pretty much one of the BEST DAYS of my life!  

Here are the goals that I have set for my 13th year...happy reading!

Goal #1: Continue To Put Others Needs Before My Own 

Let's just be honest...It is sometimes hard to think of others when we are wanting it to be all about ourselves. I am going to continue to put others needs before my own, meaning that I am going to try to go out of my way to put people first and make them feel like they are the most important person in the world! This is something that I worked on last year and something that I am going to continue to do this year and forever. 

Goal #2: Continue To Be An Influence

Making a difference in someones life means a lot to me. I want to continue to have an impact on the lives around me by simply being myself,  being generous, loving, having courage and being kind to everyone I meet. Attitudes are contagious, and I want mine to a a positive one worth catching.

Goal #3: To Not Be Influenced By The World Around Me

I want to stay me. I like myself. If I am like everyone else, and be what the world thinks I should be...then what is the point of living and striving to be an influence? I want to continue to live original and love me for me. 


Goal #4: Continue To Live Life Fully

Life is too short...period. I don't want to spend time fretting and obsessing about the way I look or how people view me. I want to fret and obsess over the fact that I have the opportunity to be happy and live my life. I want to cherish every moment I have on this earth, because what is life if not lived with purpose?

Goal #5: To Accept Imperfection

The world puts so much pressure on all of us. It has planted lies inside our heads. Lies stating that in order to be perfect and feel accepted we have to say this or wear that. I am saying NO. I want to accept the fact that I am imperfect. I have flaws just like everyone else. I don't need the world to tell me what to do in order to reach perfection, because I know that I am already perfect in my Creator's eyes. Jesus.

Goal #6: To Continue To Smile

Simple as that. I want to continue to smile in the good times, the bad times, the awkward times, the funny times, and even in the confusing times. Whether I mean it or sometimes have to fake it, I want to always have one big smile on my face!