Must Do Spring Doo's

Happy Friday Friends!

I am so sorry that I did not post anything last week, I had a fever. Not very fun. But this week, I am 100% and ready to show you this new blog post! I realized I haven't done any fashion/beauty related posts lately, so I thought that it would be good to do one today. I am going to share with you the easiest, yet so adorable hairdos that take less than 10 minutes and are only 3 steps each! They are totally ideal for spring! I hope you are inspired!

Doo #1: The Messy Beach Curl

STEP 1: Separate your hair into 3 sections; top, middle, bottom.

STEP 2: Hold a middle sized curling iron barrel upside down and wrap a medium sized piece of hair around the barrel. Hold each curl for 10 seconds. Repeat this process until all three sections have been curled.

STEP 3: Spray your hair with your favorite texturizing spray and hairspray. 

Doo #2: The Half Up Half Down

STEP 1: Section off the top part of your hair 

STEP 2: Form a half bun and secure it with a elastic clear rubber band.

STEP 3: Spray and play!

Doo #3: The Low Pony

STEP 1: Gather your hair together in the back of your head.

STEP 2: Secure your hair with an elastic rubber band near the start of your neck.

STEP 3: Spray the pony with hairspray.

Doo #4: The Messy Top Knot

STEP 1: Messily gather your hair at the top of your head.

STEP 2: Take a elastic rubber band; wrap around hair once, and then form a bun with your hair while continuing to wrap the elastic around your hair.

STEP 3: Form the bun to your liking and secure it with bobby pins. Spray the finished product and get a move on!

Doo #5: The Thick Side Braid

STEP 1: Gather all of your hair to the side of your head.

STEP 2: Braid your hair normally.

STEP 3: Once your hair has been braided, gently pull on each strand to make it look fuller. Spray it, and your good to go!