Rise and Shine! 5 Simple Steps To Becoming A Morning Person

Hey Guys!

So, ya. I am kinda in-love with mornings, but yes, they can be hard. Wanna learn to love em'? Here are my 4 tips to become a morning person.

Step 1: Go To Bed Early, Wake Up Early

"Early to bed, and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise" - Benjamin Franklin

Step 2: Have A Motivation

Whether it's picking out an outfit the night before, planning to eat a special breakfast, a workout, or tricking yourself into thinking you're going to Disney World, have a motivation that gets you pumped to wake up in the morning.

Step 3: Watch Your Time

Don't spend 1,000 minutes doing just one thing or LOOKING AT YOUR PHONE...PUT IT DOWN! Designate a certain amount of time to every part of your morning. You can use a timer or an app to track your time.

Step 4: Drink Water And Eat Breakfast Right Away

Get your brain going. You can see some of my fast favorite breakfasts here.

Step 5: Have Some Alone Time

Read a devotional, sip a coffee, whatever you want to do, do it.

There you go! Happy Mornings Freinds.

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