As I look around me today I notice women, young women, girls, and young girls striving for something called feminism. But what truly is feminism and what does it really look like? The real "written in the books" definition of feminism is this:

The advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.

Is this what feminism means? Equality of the sexes? Really? Huh...because this Is the way that I have always thought of it:

The advocacy of women's internal beauty, striving to make an impact. The wholeness, kindness, and purity of a woman's souls being put to use to make a difference. The strength a woman possess when she uses her mind to work hard and pursue her dreams. A woman caring for and loving herself, while caring for and loving others. The internal joy radiated through the outward beauty of a woman. The love and passion for a greater cause that is bigger than the "chipped nail." The true meaning of strength and grace a woman poses when striving and fighting for the things that matter most to her.

I have been looking on Social Media lately and I have been seeing a lot of memes saying things like: "me knowing I have tons of homework and important life decisions to make and do, but not giving a heck about it," or something like, "me wasting my time Netflixing because I have nothing else to do with my life," or "when my grades are low as heck and I am just sitting here like..." There have been times where I myself have thought that this trash was "relatable". Then, I got to thinking...with everything that is going on in this world, all the protests, all the attacks, all the troubles, why am I sitting here doing nothing? Why am I sitting here letting the world tell me how to act and who I should be? Why am I letting this popular social media post influence the way I am living my life? What am I doing!? We need to pick up the darn textbook and study! Get oursleves off the couch and go for a walk. Go sit with someone at the lunch table that everyone ignores. Love someone who is different than you. Believe the best even when you can't see it. Go ahead and break the mold that you have believed about yourself. If we are aiming for feminism but not doing anything to gain and retain it, then what is the point? We are strong, intelligent beings. We were created to love and be influencers. Not lazy people hoping that "ohhh....one day!" No! We have minds, let's use them! Let's use them to befriend the friendless! Let's use them to stand strong in the midst of accusation! Let's use them to pick up the pieces and chase our dreams and set our goals. I believe in you! You are worth it! You can do it!

Emma Malouff2 Comments